About Us

Since it’s inception, DSD Investor Group, Inc. has been focused on the commercial real estate market, primarily but not limited to, multi-family. DSD is constantly faced with challenges of acquiring and operating large properties but has been designed and set up to overcome these challenges. DSD Investor Group, Inc. is affiliated with some of the largest privately owned multi-family investors in the United States and Canada. Our Business model is simple; we invest in emerging markets throughout the country at the right time in the market cycle with value-added components and below market value. This insures we can give our investors as well as oursleves a good cashflow along with a solid equity return. DSD uses private partnerships to grow the company’s portfolio. We feel that by creating investment opportunities for the private lender we can offer an investment vehicle that isn’t based on stock market trends and volatility, our approach to growth is based on cashflow not specualtion and backed by real estate. DSD is constantly sourcing value-added assets in emerging markets. Because of the solid foundation we create in each market and the team we put in place, a lot of our properties come to us prior to being on market. This allows us to evaluate properties before anyone else and gives us an advantage over our competition. We are currently working in 5 emerging markets and will be adding at least another 750 units to our growing portfolio this year. We have always been taught high standards when it comes to acquiring and managing our assets and DSD prides itself on maintaining those standards even in this competitive market. As one of our Mentors once said “There is no substitute for patience and persistance in this industry”. Thank you Dave Lindahl for your continued support.


“Ignore the media when they focus on national real estate trends: The only cycles that count are LOCAL ones”!

Dave Lindahl