Business Cards – The Secret to Our Success

Shaun Omar – DSD Investor Group, Inc.

How many of us continue to go to networking events and exchange business cards only to bring them back and put them in a box, in a pile on your desk or even in a drawer?  Well, it’s time that stopped!  These little gems could be the pathway to your success but only if we get them working for us.

How can a stack or box of business cards work for me??

It’s time to start thinking outside of the business owner box and start thinking like an entrepreneur.  If we constantly make contact with other professionals and we only see them at these events, then the relationships we think we have created are not really doing us any good.  Like most of us, we exchange cards because we have the intention of keeping in touch but somehow we seem to fall into the routine and they go nowhere; we were there. I recently attended a Dave Lindahl event and met a lot of new people but also ran into several people that we have met at other events and although we exchanged cards and info several events ago, we still seem to only talk at the events. I had a rather full schedule of lunches and dinners and the conversations were awesome which pushed me to do something more to stay in touch.


Let’s take those same professionals and we input all of their info into a database so we can stay in contact with them, this increases our chances of doing business with them dramatically.  Let’s say we send out a newsletter monthly or we send out a notice to let everyone know what we are doing in the industry like what deals we have done or what’s coming up or even just a simple email to say “how have you been”, now we are keeping our name in front of them on a regular basis.  If your newsletter has good content then you will have people that will actually look forward to it coming.

This is made very easy to do now with internet companies like Constant Contact, iContact, Mail Chimp….and the list goes on.  These companies allow us to do email blasts out to a large list of contacts simply by doing one template.  We all get emails from services like this some of us just don’t realize it.  This now changes the way we can utilize these valuable contacts we have made through all of this networking we have done.  These services are fairly inexpensive for the return you can expect to receive by keeping your name in front of your contacts on a regular basis.

If you put this simple practice to work for you and do it regularly, you will find that you will start to do more business with these valuable contacts just because they remember your name and the connection you had at the networking events that lead to the exchange of cards initially.  By following this simply practice you can’t help but increase your success, after all, one of the main reasons you exchanged those cards to begin with was the potential to do business with them.  I have increased my business since we have started sharing with our contacts.       Good luck and see you at the TOP!!!

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