Bring the Dry Cleaners Inside with DashLocker

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Sometimes a fantastic amenity is not a space, but a service. While the dry cleaner has always been a popular choice for ground floor retail as it is a service, I have always found it inconvenient to pick my clothes up during normal business hours. The exception of course is Saturday, when I would rather be off doing…well, just anything else really. But what if you brought that laundry service (not the actual plant) into your building, and it was open every minute year round?

You just might want to consider incorporating DashLocker, a 24/7 drop off/pick up locker-based dry cleaning and laundry service, in your next mid- or high-rise asset. The company, which offers revenue sharing agreements for building partnerships, will also make your apartment complex more competitive as the virtual concierge service is an amenity (albeit one that comes at no extra cost to the residents and management). Dashlocker even covers the installation costs and will maintain and support all lockers and handle all customer inquiries.

But just how does DashLocker work? Your renters drop off their dry cleaning, laundry or shoes into a secure locker any time, day or night. DashLocker picks up the items overnight and then services them with an eco-friendly dry cleaning partner. The clothes and/or shoes are returned next day for pickup at the resident’s convenience. Best yet, the registration is free and doesn’t require a monthly minimum.

The lockers themselves are easy to install and require little space. DashLocker typically supplies one locker for every 10 units. Each locker is 15” wide and 22” deep. Some quick math shows that a 100-unit asset would only require about 13 feet of wall space. It is hard to image an apartment building that doesn’t have 13 feet of underutilized wall space (sorry if I offended any architects). Furthermore, the system is tried and true as the concept already operates in several hundred buildings in San Francisco.

For more information be sure to check out DashLocker’s website. The video below explains a bit more on the details, though it is tailored more for a standalone  DashLocker location, two of which recently opened in Manhattan

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